Revision of National Reproductive Health Commodity Security Strategy

This National RHCS Strategy 2015 is the outcome of hard work conducted by a wide range of partners and stakeholders. Implementation of the National RHCS Strategy (2007-2011) did not produce results as envisioned, due to a lack of clear, doable and achievable action plans. Therefore, UNFPA Nepal had assigned the local NGO Lifeline Nepal, under the leadership of FHD/LMD, to review, revise and update the National RHCS 2007-2011, defining key strategies and priority interventions to ensure the sustainable access to RH commodities, including estimation of financial requirements for implementing the strategy.

The National RHCS Strategy 2015 document was prepared jointly by the Logistics Management Division and the Family Health Division, of the Department of Health Services (DoHS), with technical support from the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). As a part of the development of the new strategy, a working group (WG) under the chairmanship of the LMD Director was formed and a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) was formed under the chairmanship of the Director General (DG) of the DoHS on December 26, 2014. A series of meetings, workshops and discussions were held for revision, updating and validation of the developed strategy, thus bringing the National RHCS Strategy 2015 into final shape.

The strategies of RHCS 2007, which have become non-applicable or obsolete in the changed context have been removed and new strategies as per the National Health Policy 2071 (2014) and other policies have been added. Arrangement of flexible or reserved funding to procure emergency RH commodities (contraceptives) has been proposed. Based on the lessons learned, the action plan is simplified and made doable.
Institutional arrangements for the implementation of the strategy have been added. The issues and gaps identified in the implementation of RHCS (2007-2011) were the basis for the revision of the strategy.
The new document outlines the priority strategies and action plans needed to ensure RHCS and consequently assure the success of RH programs in Nepal. A WG and TAC workshop on March 27, 2015 finalized the Revised RHCS Strategy. The Revised Strategy was endorsed by the WG and TAC members at the end of the workshop. The National RHCS Strategy was approved by MoHP on 2072/3/22

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