January 20, 2018

Health Logistic Including HIV/AIDS Logistics

Logistics is mission critical component of any programs. Likewise, health programs is successful when the supply chain delivers a reliable, uninterrupted supply of essential commodities to clients, so they can choose, obtain, and use these products when and where they are needed. If the service delivery sites are fully stocked with a wide range of essential health commodities, service seekers gain confidence and are more likely to return again.

Lifeline Nepal Team has more than 20 years of experience in assessing, designing, implementing and strengthening supply chain systems nationally and internationally.  Many of the Lifeline Nepal Team members are engaged in strengthening health logistics system of Government of Nepal through successive USAID funded programs since the inception of Logistics System Improvement Plan (LSIP) in 1994 and have had helped in the development of health supply chains for a broad array of essential health commodities through innovative approaches. Supply Chain Management of Ministry of Health and Population is considered as one of the major success story of Government of Nepal in delivering quality health commodities to the end users.

Lifeline Nepal offers services to:

  • Coordinate with concerned stakeholders in the field health logistics including HIV and AIDS for an uninterrupted availability of drugs/medicines and allied commodities at the consumer end
  • Facilitate with concerned stakeholders in developing, revising policy and program guidelines, standard protocols, and training package.
  • Provide technical expertise in designing and developing the logistics system for the other inline Ministries of Nepal Government as well.