January 19, 2018

Maternal Health

In Nepal, maternal mortality is 280/100,000 live births, with 34% occurring in the ante-partum period, 32.5 % in intra-partum period and 28% in postpartum period. The DHS 2011 suggests that only 48% of women have adequate antenatal care, 35% deliver at facilities, and 44% have adequate post-partum care. In Nepal, regular check-ups are thought to be unnecessary unless there are complications. Even with complications, decisions are taken by traditional decision makers (husbands, family and/or community). Nepal government has been initiating different community based maternal health programs in collaboration with EDPs. Lifeline Nepal leadership have many years of working experiences in implementing community based maternal health programs.

Lifeline Nepal offers services to:

  • Coordinate with concerned stakeholders in the field of maternal health in developing and revising policy, program guidelines, standard protocols, and training package.
  • Implement revised training package and monitor the programs.
  • Research, pilot and scale up new intervention to address the needs of the maternal health with a comprehensive approach.